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FL DataStorm v4.1 (c) 2004-2008 Tropical Tools by HellFire.

Welcome to FreeLancer Data Storm v4.1 - the complete Starmap (c) HellFire 2004-2008

Versioninformation and Contactinfo is below on this page
Some Infos: The 1st start will take some mins. The 2nd start is real fast. It is recommended to use at least 1024x786 as screen-resolution.
It's Freeware :]

Downloads - FULL-INSTALL:

Click HERE to Download v4.1 FULL-Installer (Just open the 8.04MB File).
Click HERE to Download v4.2 R 172 Beta Update (Save above FLData.exe on your HD - overwrite or rename previous to FLData41.exe).

Here a Screenshot CLICK it to read the HOW TO USE DS Guide

v4.01 R171 * Creates Singel-Player-Save-Folder if never saved a singleplayer game
* Display active MOD-Names from FLMM
* unique Database-Names for every FLMM-Mod-Combi
* Button to delete database and reread ini-files from FL
* Cyclic Infos about objects in zoomed in area
v4.00 R170 * Some more bugs with bigger mods
v3.91 R155 * Fixed another Overflow-Error which occurs on systems with memory > 1GByte. (Line 10 to 140)
v3.91 R154 * Fixed an Overflow-Error which occurs on systems with memory > 1GByte. (Line 220).
v3.9 R152-3 * Fixed some small bugs with a hangup useing an OLD version of that Cloak-Protection AND other mods useing it.
v3.9 R151 * Fixed some small bugs with "2nd War" and maybe other mods.
v3.9 R150 * Fixed a small bug with AC2ClanWars2.31 and maybe other mods.
v3.9 R149 * Added a Spoiler-Warning-Screen with custom-message for mods.
v3.8 R148 * Fixed a bug "--> 3058 in FLData.ReadINI Line 5400" - That one raised with Evolutions 1.27 and maybe other mods.
v3.8 R147 * Shows new Infos about Ships, Equipment and Groups while you search for em.
* Some more Memory Improvements (I got it running with FLRebalance330 on W98SE with 256MB).
v3.7 R143-146 * All Beta Versions. Please Upgrade to 3.8
v3.6 R142 * Fixed a bug with FLRebalance on Windows 98 (Dynamic Link Error)
* Some more Memory-Optimization (it *may* work with 256MB RAM - and works perfectly with 512MB)
v3.6 R141 * MUCH more seedup for reading data from FL - Now it reads in just 60 Seconds
* Fixed a bug with wrong Brackets if near 100%
* Memory-Usage is real low now while reading data: 50-70MB of free memory is needed (depends on the mod)
v3.5 R139 * MUCH more seedup for reading data from FL :D
v3.5 R138 * Some seedup for reading data from FL (a bit more).
v3.5 R137 * Added many bugtrapping-functions - so DS is more stable.
* Some seedup for reading data from FL (not mutch but u should c it).
v3.4 R136 * Fixed a bug - Not showing Ships/Equipment on Planets with Dockrings.
Fixed a bug with some Infotext-XML-Tags.
v3.3 R135 * Version to read bigger maps
v3.2 R134 * Version to read in TNG v1.7
v3.1 R133 * FINAL Version with Error-Logging, Speedup and many many fixies.
10000% Speedup while calculating Prices per Base/Station :D - YEAH!
Better Errorlogging while getting Data from MODs (good for modders).
Some optical fixies while getting Data.
v3.0 R132 * Prereleased Beta for TLR to get some feedback.
Fixed Many Bugs with MODS - now Shows ALL Ships and ALL Commotities...
1st Version of Errorlogging while getting Data from MODs.
v2.2 R131 * FL DataStorm.mdb moved to My Files\My Games\Freelancer\Accts\SinglePlayer and renamed to DataStorm.fl
That way the Mod-Manager from IGx89 v1.2+ and higher saves the MapData together with savegames and if u activate a new mod - FL DataStorm gets the new MapData automatically.
CLOSE FL DataStorm before you activate/deactivate a mod!
v2.2 R129 * Fixed 2 bugs with "The Evolutions 1.27 mod"
(In shipsarch.ini is a loot-commodity without count and there seems to be a prob in decrunchin another ini)
v2.2 R128 * New Print Function - prints out the active zoomed map.
* New % showing while getting Data from FL. And no flashing for other apps while minimized.
v2.2+ beta * Better mod Support (Reads now all DLL's which r in Freelancer.ini and dont throws errors for FLRebalance up to v 1.9bfull PATCHED)
* Added Francaise to Languages.
+ Start FLData.exe with param "debug" to c which file and which data-block causes an error (for modders)
+ Added some better error detection
+ (in Revision 121) Fixed some Bugs when getting Data with "The Next Generation" MOD
+ (in Revision 122) Fixed some Bugs when getting Data with "Massive Addon 1.1" MOD
+ (in Revision 123) Fixed one Bugs when getting Data with "Galapagos v4" MOD
+ (in Revision 124) Fixed one Bugs when getting Data with "Hostile Universe v7.1" MOD
+ (in Revision 125) Fixed one Bugs when getting Data with "Khaos Prime Client/Server Mod Version 3.0 Build 4a"
v2.0 * Searchfunction for Bribes
* MOD-Support (delete FL DataStorm.mdb to get ur modded Data into DS)
* Added Language Support for Germany
* A small speedup when getting Data from FL
v1.85 * Sound (uses FreeLancer-Sounds if installed)
* Loot in Wrecks
* Some more gfx enhancements
v1.80 * Automatic Update lookup (will show a box if an Update is online)
* Speedup for Prices-Windows
* Somemore gfx enhancements
* New ShowOptions-Menu and a cool newsbox with latest news about FL-DataStorm and co.
v1.71 * BugFix: Runtimerror when searching ships/equipment and type in something doesnt exist.
* High quality Mainmap graphics.
* WP & SE Logo.
v1.70 * New mainmap design.
* Better Searchfunctions for Ships and Equipment.
* Cool new Progressbar :) and new design while getting Data from FreeLancer.
* Showoptions for main-map and zoomed maps ll save now.
v1.63 * Additional Extrainfos for Ships (Info u cant find in Game).
* 999% Speed optimyzation.
* Corrected Map-Coords and now 100% fitting optical maps (forgot to calc navmapscale).
v1.61 * Ships selled on Stations and Equipment selled on em added to Info-Window (incl. prices).
* Search-Dropdowns for Ships and Equipment - to Search Bases that sell that Ship or Equipment.
* Some bugfixies in old Searchfunction.
v1.54 * Fixed some Zoom-Bugs (too much zoom ins and cant zoom out after search)
* Added Infos about Owners of Planets, Stations,.....
v1.53 * Detailed Infotext about Planets, Stations, Secrets,...
* All Backgroud-Graphics in now.
v1.52 * Now supports unpacked ini-files for showing ur modified maps and prices ;)
Delete that "FL DataStorm.mdb" to get ur new or modiefied mapdata alive.
v1.51 * Fixed probs with US-Numbers and added much more gfx
* Database without password - delete old DB!
v1.5 * Pricelist fits all screen resolutions (automatic fitting fonts).
* Searchfunction for all Objects by Name.
* Bugfix - Error on click at object without prices.
v1.4 * New switchable Prices list for Commodities to a list with 15 best inside/outside system Traderunns.
v1.33 * Prices for Commodities * Planets
v1.2 * more names
v1.0 * 1st Version only showing most dockable objects + jumpgates, Holes, Lanes,....

How to contact HellFire:

Email and MSN-Messenger: <-- The FASTEST way!

More Help in these Forums (I check em regularily and help in there):

Forum: LancersReactor - FL DataStorm (english)

Forum: Station-Network - FL DataStorm (Deutsch)

IRC-Channel for FL-SDK (english)

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Old Version Downloads - FULL-INSTALL:

Click HERE to Download v3.91 FULL-Installer (Just open the 2.3MB File).
Jet-Database-Driver German: W2000 Jet 4.0 SP8 XP Jet 4.0 SP8 MW-Server 2003 Jet 4.0 SP8 W95,W98/SE,NT Jet 4.0 SP8 Me Jet 4.0 SP8
Jet-Database-Driver english: W2000 Jet 4.0 SP8 XP Jet 4.0 SP8 MW-Server 2003 Jet 4.0 SP8 W95,W98/SE,NT Jet 4.0 SP8 Me Jet 4.0 SP8
If above failed try: Download v3.91 System-Files-Fix (10.7MB File ONLY needed if there are problems OR if u need a install without Internet-Access - please select NOT TO RESTART DURING INSTALL!).
To send a bugreport select your system: W95 W98 W98SE NT4 ME W2000 W2000 pro XP XP pro

Here is an Install for Verion 1.0: Setup – FL DataStorm v1.0.exe Download it only if u have errors with v2.0 Setup and VB-Sysfiles-Setup!